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The Golden Firedrake(Latin name Draco Ignus Aurem) is a descendant of the Firedrake, a species of dragon believed to be extinct.


Unlike most Firedrake species, Golden Firedrakes are usually rather uniform in color. They share this trait with the Adamantine Firedrake, however they are almost entirely gold rather than silver. While some may have white- or cream-tipped wings and tails, this is unusual and usually only shows up in younger individuals. For all their dazzling golden scales, they are rather plain in body structure, quite similar to true Firedrakes. Sporting the classic lean frame, broad wings, and ringed tails that are shared among most Firedrake species, they have a bony ridge-like crest running from the backs of their heads down to the bases of their tails. They have long, swept-back ibex-like horns similar to those of the Plated Firedrake. Their eyes are round-pupilled and usually brilliant green, blue, red, or gold. Their tails are tipped with a thin spade.


Golden Firedrakes, like all Firedrake species, originated when the Firedrake began to breed with other species as they died out from continuous slaughter by humans thinking themselves dragon slayers. The Golden Firedrake was one of the first subspecies to appear, and many were killed during the fall of the Firedrake, making the breed relatively rare to this day. It is completely unknown what species the Firedrake bred with to create the Golden Firedrake.


Golden Firedrakes typically live in warm mountains and deserts, enjoying the warmth of the sun as it blindingly reflects off of their golden scales. They have small territories which may be shared with other dragons.


Golden Firedrakes are an extremely docile breed, social and highly intelligent. The newly hatched males do not fight to the death over dominance of the nest like other Firedrake species, and are instead taught to work together. One drawback however is that young Golden Firedrakes that lack experience are easily affected by dracomancy, as proven by the enslavement of Volant by Drake Kuro. Once grown, however, they become more resistant to such abilities, and while they often willingly work with humans and even dracomancers, the inherent cleverness of the breed shows itself and the humans may find themselves the ones being manipulated by the dragon.


Golden Firedrakes naturally have resistance to heat, and many have powerful light- or energy-based abilities such as leukomancy or Draco Maxima's Maxima Cannon.