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Icelake Thunderscale(formally named Selendrile [Drakine for "lake of ice"] and affectionately called "Ice" by his brothers) was a sapphire blue Plated Firedrake hatchling, the "younger" brother of Mimring and Starlight Thunderscale, and the son of Irisidion.


Icelake died as a young hatchling. He had his father Irisidion's bright blue scales, but his eyes were a sharp amber rather than azure. As a hatchling, his proportions were different from an adult's. His claws were relatively larger, his tail thicker, and his wings and horns smaller. His wing membranes and his belly were a pure white, and the fans near his thick white horns were green and yellow. His plates were only the thickness of an adult dragon's scales, and the various blades his brothers carry weren't fully grown yet.


Icelake had a quiet and shy personality, rather unusual for a Plated Firedrake. He wanted nothing more than for his friends to all get along, always trying to keep his brothers from fighting when they were still hatchlings. He would attempt to break up fights even if he knew that he might get hurt doing so. He was also rather charismatic, which may explain why his brothers liked him while they hated each other.



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Icelake was too young at time of death to display any powers.


Icelake has a very brief history. He was born in Irisidion's territory in Durasken following his two brothers, and grew to about six years old alongside them until a particularly nasty fight between Mimring and Starlight. Icelake attempted to break up this fight, but the two brothers were so involved in their battle that they were paying more attention to each other than to Icelake, and so Mimring lashed out with his claw, aiming for Starlight but instead slicing open Icelake's throat.