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The Icewing Firedrake(Latin name Draco Ignus Glacies) is an arctic species of Firedrake, a species of dragon believed to be extinct.


Icewings are a small, agile breed with pale blue or white scales. They look much like true firedrakes but much smaller, and have pale blue, round-pupilled eyes. Icewing Firedrakes have darker coloration on their backs to absorb the sun's rays, and a fan on the backs of their tails to cut resistance while swimming. Their claws are webbed. Their jaws are less beaklike and instead shaped more like a true firedrake's.


Icewing Firedrakes emerged when the true firedrakes began to die off. They bred with a now extinct arctic breed of dragon and slowly became smaller, in order to release less heat in the extremely cold climate. They inherited only coloration, slight resistance to cold, size, and the ability to swim from their arctic ancestors, retaining almost all else from the true firedrakes.


Icewing Firedrakes live along the arctic coasts, where it is slightly warmer than in the mountains where the Adamantine Firedrake reigns supreme. They have small territories on land, but large territories on the sea, as they spend much of their time hunting fish and only need land for a place to sleep and raise their young.


Icewing Firedrakes are flighty and reclusive, sticking only to their mates in order to make the most of the limited resources in the arctic. They spend much of their time either hunting or basking, and sleep in shallow dens in the snow or sand. If it becomes too cold, they will breathe fire on themselves to warm themselves up.


Icewing Firedrakes are resistant to heat and slightly resistant to cold. They breathe fire and are the only species of firedrake that may inherit the unmutated gene that gave rise to Spectrum Firebreath. Cold-based abilities are slightly more common in this breed than most other firedrake species, but still rather rare.