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The Illusionary Wyvern(Latin name Draco Praestrigia) is a species of Wyvern known and named for its ability to breathe a hallucinogenic mist.


Illusionary Wyverns are rather small, only about the height of a fully-grown human male. They have two legs and two powerful wings, marking them as Wyverns. This species has a large, vibrantly-colored crest on its head in order to warn off predators and attract mates. Its scales are usually bright lime green or crimson, and its eyes are slit-pupilled and bright amber. An Illusionary Wyvern's wings are a contrasting color it its main scale color, and every aspect of this dragon's coloration seems to have come from evolution intending to warn off predators that would prey on this small Wyvern. Their legs are built for running, but they are much more graceful in the air than on the ground.


Illusionary Wyverns most likely evolved from a larger species that somehow took to the forests and selected for a downtrending size in order to move among the trees more easily. This smaller size made them targets for larger dragons that were preying upon them, so what was likely a venomous bite evolved into a venom that sprayed out of the frontal fangs, akin to the spitting cobra, that made its target hallucinate upon inhalation so the Wyvern could run away. Nature usually marks venomous species with bright colors, and this dragon is no exception.


Illusionary Wyverns live in forests and jungles with very little exception. They have relatively small territories and are one of the few species that may live in groups. They prefers tropical and temperate climates, being unable to stand extreme cold for very long.


Illusionary Wyverns, while aggressive, are surprisingly social dragons who can often be seen in large groups, rearing their hatchlings and preening. The hatchlings are extremely playful, engaging in spitting contests as they develop their trademark venom. The adults tend to encourage this. Hatchlings that are raised by other species still retain their socialness mixed with mild aggression, and will continue to spit their venom unless repeatedly told not to by its foster parents.


Illusionary Wyverns are able to breathe fire, though it's weaker than most other species' fire. They have an inherent ability to spray a hallucinogenic mist from their fangs, and are themselves immune to this mist. The mist must be inhaled for it to take any effect.