Name: Kip'yaia
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Level: 1
Rank: I
Progress: 0/10
Appearance: Kip'yaia is rather small for a Lupynn, only about the size of a Euthoran wolf. Her wingspan is still quite large, however, and while her feathers are largely a snowy white, they are tipped with a deep cobalt blue. The arms of each wing are quite similar. Kip'yaia's eyes are a teal sort of green, and her soft fur follows the same colors as her wings: her chest, legs, muzzle, and the tip of her tail are pure white, while her paws, back, and most of her tail and head are sapphire-colored. She is surrounded by a translucent blue aura.

Stage Advancement: Dream Guide - ? - ? - ?

Dreamclass: Dream Guide (The one who claims This Dream is an entity spawned by an ambitious young man's dreams and is tasked to defend him for as long as he requires.) [Wind Affinity I]
*Wind Affinity I: User acquires permanent "Wind Affinity' Properties. Increases the Damage Output of Wind-Elemental Basic Attacks or Abilities by 10%. In addition, Decreases the Total Damage received by the Wind Element by 20%.
Weapon: Ethereal Fang [+1 Fnt]
Armor: Faint Aura [+1 Cog]
Accessory: Wind Charm [+5 HP]

Alignment: Reason/Guard
Gauge Type: Healer Drive: Flow Drive increases upon the user healing or bestowing a healing effect upon self or an ally. Flow Drive decreases upon user or ally becoming Critical or being KO'd.

B-Ability: Tasked Defense

+ Spirit Wind: Releases wind energy at the target, miraculously healing minor wounds. 100% Fnt Healing. Range: Self or 3 cells. Element: Wind. 6 DP.

+ Ether Guard: Surrounds the target with an ethereal energy, inhibiting oncoming attacks. +20% Res for 3 turns. No stack. Range: Self or 3 cells. Element: Neutral. 6 DP.

-- Selfless: If Kip'yaia uses a skill with any positive effect, including healing, on an ally, that skill's DP cost is decreased by 10%. Trait Rank: I. Class: Basic. Status: Trigger. Rank Up: 3 TP.
-- Absorption Burst: Kip'yaia releases a burst of energy, hitting enemies in surrounding cells for 100% Fnt damage. For the next enemy phase, Kip'yaia's damage input is decreased by 50% the average amount of damage inflicted to each enemy.

C-Skill: Reflow, Defend, Cover
R-Skill: N/A
-- Protector's Aura: Allies within 2 cells of Kip'yaia regain HP at a constant rate of 5% per turn.

O-Flow: Protection of the Pack: User calls up a wind that caresses against the wounds and ills of the ally party, healing them and leaving them better than they were before. 200% Fnt healing and removes all status disorders. Increases Res and Cog by 20%. Range: Self and all allies. Element: Neutral. 50% Flow.

~ Stats ~

HP: 15 (Wind Charm +5)
DP: 25
Phy: 2
Res: 3
Fnt: 4 (Ethereal Fang +1)
Cog: 2 (Faint Aura +1)
Reflow: 9%
Guard: 7%
Movement: 2 Cells (Dream Guide Stage +1)
Flow Drive: {//////////}

Skill Points: 0
Trait Points: 0
Upgrade Points: 0

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