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The Shadowsong(Latin name Draco Umbra Sonus) is a nocturnal species of dragon closely related to the Shadow Drake.


Shadowsongs are very lean, with narrow, almost wolfish snouts. They grow to be around 40 feet long, about two thirds of which is tail and neck. They have dark scales, usually black or dark gray, though very rarely brown. Males have large fanned crests on their heads and tails as well as brilliant red markings to attract mates. Females only have the fan on the tail. Their eyes are blue or red and round-pupilled. Their claws are padded like a wolf's, allowing them to stalk silently among the trees.


Shadowsongs are an old species that branched off from the ancestor of the Shadow Drake. They evolved to be night hunters, and to be able to move among the trees and run quickly when the denseness of the forest prevents flight.


Shadowsongs live in forests, deserts, and open grassland. They have small territories that they may share with other individuals. They prefer temperate climates, though they may turn to a desert climate if they truly need to. They are unable to stand extreme heat or cold, so those that live in the desert are lucky to be nocturnal when the temperature drops. Their dark coloration allows them to warm themselves up when the cold of the desert night would otherwise make life miserable in these climates. Shadowsongs in the desert tend to make dens to sleep in during the day.


Shadowsongs are docile and may live in small family groups. Individuals mate for life and retain a powerful bond with their offspring even when they are fully grown and no longer need the protection of their parents. Shadowsongs are nocturnal and often fly in the moonlight, making a strange roar that sounds almost like a wolf's howl, earning this proud breed their name. Hybrids often draw personality from their non-Shadowsong heritage, so a dragon that looks like a Shadowsong may be a hybrid of an aggressive breed- approach with caution!


Shadowsongs have a strange aura similar to the Shadow Drake's Shadow Bond which strengthens the dragon's allies. The breed is able to breathe fire. They also have an ability found only in Shadowsongs called Shadowmeld, which allows them to become invisible in dim lighting.