Name: Aaron, Blake, Cedric
Level: 1

Profession: Apprentice Dragonslayer [Shield Bearer]
Weapon: Dull Broadsword [+1 Atk]
Shield: Bent Iron Shield [+1 Spr]
Armor: Metal Plate [+1 Def]
Accessory: Slayer's Insignia [+5 MP]

A-Ability: Blade of Strength

+ Rending Slash: Slashes vertically upward, blade easily slicing through flesh and muscle. Chance of Wound. 120% Atk damage. Range: Adjacent Cell. Element: Neutral. 7 MP.

+ Blade Refine: Sharpens blade to refine the cutting edge. +10% damage output for Atk-based skills and Basic Attacks, stack limit 3. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. 6 MP.

R-Ability: N/A
S-Ability: Specialist (I): User has a 10% increase in damage input to dragon targets.

~ Stats ~

HP: 20
MP: 15 (Slayer's Insignia +1)
ATK: 4 (Dull Broadsword +1)
DEF: 2 (Metal Plate +1)
INT: 2
SPR: 1 (Bent Iron Shield +1)
Critical: 5%
Evasion: 3%
Movement: 2 (Apprentice Dragonslayer +1)

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